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Create unique designs, prints and gifts with the real night sky on a specific date and location.

Star Map Generator

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Experience the forefront of star map creation with DIDIENDO

Create custom star maps

Choose from any date, any place in the world. The app will make the magic of showing how the sky was on that moment and from that place.

Configure what to include

Configure from a selection of over 20 star map elements. Constellations, stars, planets, milky way. You name it.

Theme your star map

Unleash your artistic side. Change the colors of the different elements of the star map as you wish. Make it memorable.

Premium Presets

Lacking of inspiration? Explore ready-to-use premium preset designs to get you started easily. Configure and theme them to suit your needs.

Easy to use interface

Forget using overcomplex solutions, or several apps, to create your custom star maps. Our generator is the easiest to use.

High quality image download

Select the size of your star map and get access to a high resolution, 300 DPI image. Perfect for product printing.

Optimized for product makers

Combining scientific soundness with design-driven aesthetical star maps. Targeted from the beginning for product and digital creators.

Backed by science

Your star maps will be created using advanced and rigorous computational models. Powered by NASA’s Astronomical Database.

Start free

Start with a generous free offering or buy credits to get access to premium features. You will find the best value for money in the market.

Get inspired.

Open a world of possibilities

Custom Star Map Poster

The iconic personalized star map poster.

A printed representation of the stars and constellations as they appeared at a specific time and place, often marking a special occasion like a birth or wedding.

Add additional customized details such as names and dates, featuring a sleek design suitable for home decor.

Experienced and trusted.

Make & Pop is used by leading creators, designers, DIYers, artists and crafters worldwide.


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Can't live without this app anymore to create all my custom star map products. Truly amazing! ⚡️
Martha Gardner
Etsy Store Owner


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Stars Shape

DotsSeveral Shapes

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Maximum PNG size

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