Frequently Asked Questions


How can I access My Account?

To access your account information, simply click on My Account. It is exclusively available to clients who have purchased app credits and received a license key. Log in using the email address used for the purchase along with the received license key.

What information is available in My Account?

In the My Account section you have access to how many credits you have left for the license key.

Do you offer freebies?

Yes, you can get freebies for personal use and to get you started. We provide free or start free apps, as well as free svg bundles. Please check our freebies collection.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. If you are interested in becoming a Make & Pop affiliate, please fill this form and let us know!

What is the difference between a PNG and SVG file?

A PNG file is a graphic image, while an SVG file is a vector image. You can scale a SVG as much as you want without losing image quality. SVGs can also have multiple layers in them, allowing you to ungroup and make changes to them easily. PNGs are a single layer, so they aren’t as customizable as SVGs.

How can I contact you for any feedback, ideas, suggestions?

We would love to hear from you! You can always get in touch with us.

Are my images safe and secure?

Yes. When needed, your images are uploaded through a secure connection and only temporarily stored during the time it takes to create / process your artwork. They are deleted after that. Make & Pop never shares or uses your images for anything else without your consent.

Credits & License Keys

What are app credits?

Some of Make & Pop apps are premium, or offer premium features. For these apps, you will need to purchase credits to be able to download your final artwork image.

How can I buy and use app credits?

You can buy app credits in our store, following this link. With your purchase, you will receive a license key. To access the premium apps, or features, you need to authenticate with the purchase email and license key. If you have log in at My Account, the email and license key are set up automatically for each premium artwork image download.

How many credits do I have left?

Using your email and license key, you can access the My Account section to know how many credits you have left.

I have lost my license key. What now?

If you have lost your license key, you can recover it using the license key lookup page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us.

I have bought Star Map credits at DIDIENDO. Can I use them at Make & Pop?

Yes. Make & Pop owns the DIDIENDO brand and its Star Map Generator. You can freely use DIDIENDO credits at Make & Pop and vice-versa.

Purchases & Refunds

What payment methods do you accept?

For payments we accept: PayPal; Apple and Google Play; the majority of credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS, Discover, Maestro, Diners Club).

Are my payments secure?

Yes. Payments are delegated and processed through our partner Gumroad (, assuring all security aspects and legal compliance. Payment is secured by SSL with 128-bit encryption and processed with PCI Compliant service providers.

Where can I get my receipt?

After your purchase you will get a receipt in your email. With that receipt you can: download your purchase, or access your download page; generate an invoice for your files, taxes, or company records; get access to your license key, in case your are purchasing app credits.

I have never received my receipt. What now?

In case you have not received / can not find your receipt, please follow these steps. You can also get in touch with us.

Where can I get an invoice?

To get an invoice, please follow these steps.

How can I get a VAT refund?

To get a VAT refund, please follow these steps.

Do you accept returns and refunds?

Given our digital and bespoke offering (made according your specifications), we unfortunately do not accept returns or refunds. For our apps, refunds can be materialized in app credits, in pontual cases of faulty app behaviour. However, if there is anything you do not love about your order please contact us to let us know. We will do our best to resolve your situation.